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IMAS is a fully integrated management and accounting system that gives you fast, flexible access to up to the minute information to keep you in control of your business. Its modular design provides you with the flexibility to implement the modules that you need, with the ability to integrate other modules as your business requirements change.

The businesses using IMAS range from insurance to food distribution companies, retailers and importers, light manufacturers, chemical companies and paper makers. From the very small to the very large, IMAS was their first choice.

Customisable: Source code is included with every purchase of IMAS. The code contains detailed comments. This means you can easily modify the product yourself and develop easy interfaces for technologies such as EDI, image and facsimile support.

Interface With Other Applications: The Utilities module of IMAS allows you to import and export data. It also facilitates Electronic Data Interchange - EDI.

Team Computing is dedicated to the installation, support and on-going enhancement of IMAS.

As specialists in Distribution and Light Manufacturing enterprises, Team's references are a 'Who's Who' of Australian medium-sized Companies.

Team Computing have installed all of the core and complimentary modules of IMAS, many times, and interfaced IMAS to almost everything!

What's New:

Team Computing (Victoria) office has now opened in Melbourne. See our Contact page for details.
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